I Finally Got to See Twenty Major

March 4, 2007

and lived to tell the tale.

Last night was a Red Moon Event. Returning through Merrion Square after
The Irish Blog Awards Ceremony, the Earth was casting its shadow on the
Moon and we shared a moment looking upwards
with two ladies walking a dog.

The perfect ending to a very lively night.

The Irish Blog Awards Ceremony,
held at The Alexander Hotel,
just near The Ginger Man Pub,
was one of the most
enjoyable gigs this year.

Rick O’Shea, MC and presenter of the awards, was also
in the running for an prize in
Best Contribution to the Irish Bloggersphere
– Sponsored by FirstPartners.net

Being partisan, I had voted for Blather.net,
which was in the running for
Best Arts and Culture Blog
– Sponsored by Poetry Ireland.

The Winners Link is on
Photographe à Dublin.

Too tired and emotional to type
it all out here again.

And, BTW, Twenty Major
is a handsome lad.
He is now the Top Blogger in Ireland.

Well done!


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