The Elegant Day Lily

July 15, 2007


4 Responses to “The Elegant Day Lily”

  1. Life Goes On Says:

    Nice photos. liked the one of Elegant Day Lily.Thank UAlso thankful for the nice comment you wrote on my blog about Food & Health. It’s really wonderful that you could relate to the contents despite foreign language & scriptthanks once againSnehal

  2. Thanks for your kind feedback, Snehal.I really liked the design of your blog and the lovely colours.Food photos travel well and don’s rely on language… though it would be interesting to know what is written.Anouilh

  3. Life Goes On Says:

    Thanks for publishing my comment on your blog. As for the content of my blog,let me tell you that it’s not cook /recipe blog. I am physician and Professor of medicine, my aim is to educate people and make them aware about the importance of food for their health. So you can imagine what must be written. I have tried to tell the importance of our daily food to our health. I will just give brief list of my posts.1) Water: body’s need for water, importance of safe drinking water, waterborn diseases, amount of water to drink everyday. 2)Healthy drinks : Benefits, which drinks and why3)Unhealthy drinks : Dangers of commercially availabe colddrinks and why one should avoid them4) Oral Rehydration Solution : importance of ORS in dehydration caused due to diarrohea & vomiting. Instructions to prepre ORS at home5)Healthy & nutritious drink ‘Neera’ a freshly collected juice from palm tree. 6)History of food : begining with Ancient man to todays modern man. 7)Geography of food: regionwise availability of food. How some vegetables and food articles travelled from one continent to another and how now almost every item of food has become International.7) Fast Food Culture: Facts about fast food, benefits & dangers for health. 8) Sorce and Classification of food : The process of Photosynthesis by plant as source of all food, food chain and classification of food as Veg sorce and Animal source. 9)A fully balanced Square Meal for Health : What is it? Why the need? importance ? How one can plan balanced meal which gives us required nutrients namely proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. 10) proteins: here i have given scientific fact abbout proteins.Next posts will be : (a) digestion and metabolism of proteins.( b) functions of protein in our body, (c)daily requirement,(d) proteins contents of common foods and protein rich food. (e)difficiency diseases : malnutrition After Proteins I will discuss about Carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins and Mineral in the same way as proteins.I am not dietician so I will not be giving any readymade diet plan. My idea behind the blog is to provide all scientific facts to people so as to make them aware of importance of proper balanced food to their health. All this information, I am sure, will enable the general public to plan their daily meal in a balanced way to stay healthy.Actually all this matter was written almost 10 years ago for my then school going son, so as to make him aware about the importance of good food habbits. Now this fellow is on his way to become a doctor himself. He suggested me to put all this on blog for the benefit of others. I would be obliged if you let me know what you feel about my efforts. Thanking you for reading such a lenghty answer to your comments.

  4. Many thanks for writing such a detailed explanation. I studied nutrition in secondary school and found it helpful ever since.You might enjoy my cooking blog at:

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