August 13, 2007

Google Analytics has been an addition to the
Photographe à Dublin part of this blog.
I know, for looking at it, that an average
of eight visitors per day have clicked on
pages there. Some return, some go elsewhere.
All are more than welcome.

I have not added the Analytics feature to
the other blogs because it seems a bit
excessive. There does not seem to be much
one could do to encourage more visitors,
though the thought of singing a little tune
that could be added to my other accomplishments
has been a temptation from time to time.

Enough is enough, however.
August is a very busy month in our lives
as friends come and go, visiting from distant
countries, carrying stories of other customs,
new ideas.

As a result, if there is less activity here
in the next few weeks, please be patient.

Holiday mood has taken over.


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