November 12, 2007

I cannot imagine why anybody would encourage people to post
comments on their blog and then set about editing them.
The Blogger system does not allow for such subtle and time wasting
activity. All or nothing seems to be the policy here.

After years working as a journalist I had one simple
reaction to editorial policy:

If you don’t like it,
write it yourself.


2 Responses to “Editorial”

  1. DaviMack Says:

    Oh, because they’re too long, or don’t say exactly what the blogger wants to have been said on their blog, I’m sure. It comes down to questions of ownership: when someone comments, do you own the comment, or do they? Yes, you own the “venue,” but does the commentor own the “art?” I would maintain that they do, yet blogger is the only engine which enforces this – typepad & wordpress allow for editing of comments.

  2. I’m glad you told me that.I’ll certainly stay with Blogger.

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