Functionalized Nanoporous Thin Films,

November 17, 2007

or FNTF, as they are known to scientists, may be the most helpful
materials for the next ten years.
In 2007, R&D Magazine awarded Shane Addlema, Glen Fryxell, Richard Skaggs and
Xiaohong Shari Li for their work with water testing technology.

Speed is of the essence when it comes to pollution testing.
Sending samples to a lab causes time lapses in which much
damage can be caused to a fragile ecosystem.
Discs coated with Functionalized Nanoporous Thin Films
offer a highly sensitive test. It is claimed that these
nanofilms are about 1000 times more sensitive than any
test previously available.

They may well
make living in areas subject to heavy metal contamination safer.


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