A Plague on WordPress and…

February 28, 2008

All Its Works…

The Irish Blog Awards website is like a fine empty wall,
waiting for bloggers to comment and interact.

A quick comment posted there yesterday appeared pronto,
and in the word order it was typed here.


Quite another story.

I tried… and tried. Nothing could penetrate the wall of silence that
now surrounds that site.

Should I assume that WordPress is the problem?
Those of us who use Blogger never have difficulties
sharing the odd “bon mot” with fellow surfers.

Rather than wonder at length about this,
I’m off to do some housework.

Half way through the afternoon and
not a floor in the house washed…

That’s what comes from spending half the day at
the hairdressers
and the other half peering at impenetrable websites.

Sepia Orchid


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