The Sky’s the Limit

March 18, 2008

Sky Blue

Ever so often I hear radio reports on garbage flying round in
Looking at the sky on a clear evening, really there is
nothing much to see up there.

Recently, at the Civilex Exhibition in the RDS, Dublin,
I chatted with experts in the field of Environment Management
and Engineering.

We mostly agreed that it would be very easy to become neurotic
about Earth and Environment Affairs.

The Planet has been spinning merrily on its axis for aeons.
We are its custodians to some extent, but there are very
many forces in Nature that are very dimly understood.

Having confidence in our Blue-Green Planet is a very
positive way to live an Environmentally Friendly life.

There will be much discussion in the next few weeks about
Lisbon Treaty
and Carbon Issues.

Let’s keep our ears to the ground
and our sights on a
Bright Horizon.


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