In the Pink…

November 18, 2008

The codification of colour is one of the most
fascinating subjects I know.

Blue for a boy, pink for a girl.

It was not always so…

Pink Clematis in Daylight, ISO 100


2 Responses to “In the Pink…”

  1. Granny J Says:

    I was always bothered by the blue/pink dichotomy — and so clothed my baby in such items as handmade red checkered tshirts. Currently, we have a commercially produced pink (plus lavender) mania among little girls in our country. Dreadful!

  2. There is a wonderful painting in ourNational Gallery of a gentleman wearing extraordinary pink robes and the star of the Order of the Bath.Pink was used for dressing boys in the past, but somehow a cultural shift took place.All the little girls in Europe seem to bedeck themselves in pink and silver these days. It can be very fetching.Pink combined with an ill-chosen shade of lavender could be a bit OTT, I agree.

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