The Year’s End Cleanup

December 17, 2008

I’m going to take a well-deserved break.

Many thanks to everybody who has taken time to visit
and post comments during 2008.

I have made many friendly contacts on the Internet
and learned such an amount that I continue to be amazed.

Rather than post another glittering object or Santa face,
here’s a photo taken in Autumn when the last evidence of
insect life was in our gardens.

I’ve spent three days scrubbing and wax-sealing a
scabbos marble floor.
The wonderful Italian team who made it years ago
were astonished at my choice.

“It looks like the seaside”, one of them shouted.

An Irish kitchen should always look close to the vast World
outside the door.

Somehow this photo reminds me of why I chose a natural looking floor.

Happy Christmas
Wishing You All a
Peaceful New Year!

Cleaning Behind the Ears


One Response to “The Year’s End Cleanup”

  1. d@\/ e Says:

    …and a Happy Christmas to you too!

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