Wuthering Heights

January 7, 2009

I’ve started the New Year with a thorough appraisal of
past activities.

It seems that one’s past will always return,
possibly not as a haunting experience,
but certainly fully documented by new technology
and its eerie advances.

A booklet I wrote while teaching is now listed
on the Net.
Nobody seems to have seen sight nor light of a copy
in years, but I have found memories of shaking my husband awake
at 1 a.m. to read passages of my insights aloud.
Probably he was not listening, but it helped.

Here’s a New Year toast to a writer whose love of nature
has kept me in good spirits for years.

Wuthering Heights in Goodreads


3 Responses to “Wuthering Heights”

  1. Granny J Says:

    I hope my granddaughter agrees with your (and my) assessment — Wuthering Heights was one of the books I included in her Christmas package. Part of my effort to expand her horizons beyond vampireteen trash!

  2. DaviMack Says:

    It’s an odd thing, the web. Me, I’m trying to figure out how to make things go away in a reasonable fashion, as I’m certain that there are things that everybody would rather never see again, yet which resurface in odd places.Neat, though, that you wrote a book. I wonder who added it to GoodReads.

  3. Thanks for taking time to comment.Amazon.fr assures me that I am an “auteur”.I feel I should stand up and take a bow.Funnily enough, your reference to vampireteen, Granny J,reminds me that the Victorians thought very little of “Wuthering Heights” and found it unsuitable for polite society.I must think further on this…

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