Winding Down From the Christmas

January 9, 2009

I was in town today.

Unusually, I drove as I wanted to move speedily.

Normally, I would sit in traffic, listening to music and
admiring the architecture.

Today, there was next to no traffic on the streets.
The gardening expert in one of my favourite shops explained that
it is the same in this week every year.
We’ve spent all our money, we can’t think of anything else to buy.

So I just got some pea and bean seeds to start under glass
and give myself the illusion that Spring is on the way.

Also, benefiting from the free library service that keeps us
educated and entertained, I emerged from the ILAC Centre with several
CDs for the weekend. The improvements in the centre are remarkable.

It is really worth a visit and the atmosphere is as friendly as ever.


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