Things That Go Bump in the Net

January 22, 2009

Ever so often I get pulled up short while surfing.

Internet protocol, I learned the hard way, makes
those who bump threads a sure target for the
(usually Alpha-Male control freak) fellow poster
who has taken to roaming wild and free,
like the lion of old, seeking …

well… seeking trouble.

As Daudet so poignantly put it,

“le demon rode eternellement autour de nous comme un lion, quaerens quem

The personalities I’ve encountered over the past few years
run to type.
Rather than play the Cry Baby I tend to sit back over a nice cup of
cranberry flavoured green tea and wonder what possesses some people when
they decide to kick ass on a chat forum.

My friends goggle when they hear that I was once banned from
a satirical site. At school I was one of those compliant students
who just read quietly under the desk for years and dutifully
obeyed when asked to put the blessed book away.
It was a mystery to me at the time why it took us a full
year to get through a short text-book that some nutter in
the Department of Education thought would improve our sadly
unformed minds when I was reading two books a day that were
of far more interest and, in general, much better written.
It’s hard to beat Graham Green on a wet day in January,
though his maudlin Catholicism became tiresome over the years.

AnyWAYS… as I tap this out a question lies in wait on
a chat room. Why did I bump an old thread?

Well, why not…


3 Responses to “Things That Go Bump in the Net”

  1. DaviMack Says:

    Ahh, I occasionally engage in truly tearing someone down, but it’s usually when they’re being idiotic. Example: Bennett in this post, down in the comments, was being a true moron, and needed some analysis.Ahh, well.

  2. On a windy day in Dublin, energy must be conserved, so I don’t have any left over for battle.Thanks for posting that great link.I’m now setting in for a weekend of reading.

  3. DaviMack Says:

    Hope you enjoyed it – although … if you managed to read the whole thing in a weekend, you were really reading!

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