The Virtual God of the Gaps

January 31, 2009

There is suddenly a lot of fussing and fighting about
the interstitial url introduced by the Google Search Engine.

Every site now has a warning that it may damage my computer.
I simply copy and paste rather than hit live links and show as
much discernment as possible from the site names as to
whether they look scary or not.

Thanks to this new game, I had to remind myself what “interstitial”
means and found a very well written site on Science in Roman Times
along the way…

Magnetism in the Roman Era

I have given up wondering what all these changes in the system might mean.

Is bandwidth becoming a more limited resource again?
Are bored psychologists doing a “rat in maze”-type study
of internet usage?

No wonder so many of my peers approach computers as if they
actually do bite.


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