Of Heavy Lifters and Overskurken

February 4, 2009

I expect it’s the snow that set me thinking of Ibsen.

The last time I saw “John Gabriel Borkman” was in The Focus Theatre.

The production was much better than the review here reveals and the claustrophia of indoor living was very well created.

Since it is such a tiny space, more like a dining room than a theatre, I found myself almost worn out with suppressed laughter, as I kept catching our hero’s
eye as he sorted his moral status out to everybody’s satisfaction. The fact that the effort killed him says more about the inherent morbidity of Ibsen’s mind than it does about the realist tradition in Western Theatre. It seems so melodramatic now.

Next day one of the cast was standing in front of me in the supermarket.
Since we had not been introduced and given the fact that it must be horrible to be constantly approached in public I can at last say what my experience was here.

“Great performance! Very nice costumes!”


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