March 26, 2009

Yesterday found me firing on all pistons.

For years now I have attended the Civilex exhibition at the RDS.
It helps to keep up with new ideas and technology and this year’s exhibition
seems to have reflected what is so sweetly called “the current economic climate”.
There seems to have been a more muted, almost philosophical, tone to the conversations I had with the various stall holders. Apparently the first day had been relatively quiet, but yesterday saw many intense conversations on the subject of climate change and water conservation.

I came home with a bag of documentation to study and, a sign of the times, very few little plastic pens and mementos which used be a feature of less lean days.

Anybody who is interested in civil engineering, landscaping and the environment would do well to write this event into their diary for next year. Some of the most pleasant people I meet attend and are full of insight into the most everyday aspects of life… from street lighting design to tree survey in public places.

A must…


2 Responses to “Civilex”

  1. William Wren Says:

    sounds good. do you visit

  2. Thank you for alerting me to is so much to learn…

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