The Call of the Wild…

June 15, 2009

…emanating from my front garden now leaves little time to blog.

Also, an effort to re-organise my whole life is afoot and should take some energy that will prevent me from visiting here for a month or so.

Granny J’s question about where the photo of the ruined wall is and whether or not it forms part of my demesnes set me thinking, however. What if I did have a vast Eighteenth century landscape, complete with “Jealous Wall” to maintain? I would have to be a millionaire and employ a vast staff to keep the place looking well.

As it is, a suburban semi-D is just about my size. I spent some more time today planting potatoes (they are already up to speed in pots) and planning which biennials to sow for a blaze of colour next year.

As I said, time and energy, time and energy…


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