Tout l’univers fait Boom

June 25, 2009

I am, and happily at that, a Baby Boomer.

My generation continues to blog, despite the fact that it is now, seemingly, passé.

I have to admit I tried Twittering… and failed…
The number of people who now greet the dawn, mobile ‘phone in hand, and insist on sharing a “Good Morning” with the Planet, is on the increase. What inspires them fascinates me, but I have no desire to join in.

Blogging, on the other, continues to be a useful link with the outside world. My faithful commentators, Davimack and Granny J, keep me in the swing of things and encourage further efforts.

I hope that I do the same for them…


4 Responses to “Tout l’univers fait Boom”

  1. DaviMack Says:

    That you do!I'm not a baby boomer … but have no desire to Twitter, either. I Facebooked … until I'd seen my post that she was bored one too many times, and just had to say, "ENOUGH!"

  2. Cathy Says:

    I don't think blogging is passe, really; it will probably change and become a more thoughtful and slower medium, and there are still a lot of texts and narratives that need more than 140 characters. Also, I am reading, if not commenting…

  3. Granny J Says:

    I have too many pictures to stop blogging at this point! I was literally dragged on to Facebook kicking and screaming by a friend and am pleased that two (count'em — 2) teen age girls from the family "friended" me. However, Facebook doesn't really do anything for me & I may pop by once a day. I do check into my dotter's Twitter stream to see what's up in her family, but I really don't have anything to twit about. On the other hand, I keep discovering interesting new blogs…

  4. Thanks for all the comments.The thought that blogging will continue, albeit at a less frantic pace, is heartening.

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