Tact and Politics

October 11, 2009

At present, many people are more concerned with domestic affairs than they are with the wider political scene. Balancing the books has become a major issue and the frighful denunciation of some in public office that greets anybody who dares turn on the television is not pleasant to behold.

The question of expenses, how they are allocated, who should have them, is now a national debate. In some ways a form of class warfare has broken out in Europe, with those who are not in power looking in bewilderment at those who are. The EU is an enormous series of institutions that needs managment.

Most people are too distant from its strange rituals to get involved…


2 Responses to “Tact and Politics”

  1. DaviMack Says:

    Ahh, the squabbling of bureaucrats: how much of our money they'll spend never really comes up, does it? It's always assumed that the spoils will be there, and the vultures squabble over the carcass.

  2. I try not to think about it.Having been brought up in post-war Europe seems to have made me philosophical about other people.Live and let live… though as you have pointed out, some do it at the expense of others.I expect there are plenty of pleasant bureaucrats…

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