Quelle Horreur

December 27, 2009

At last, as far as I am concerned, Chat Rooms are a thing of the past.

I joined one which was yet another baptism in fire and water quite some time back because a friend’s enthusiasm and good humour was enough to carry me through the horrors there. Even being accused of trying to take over as a moderator I took in my stride. Certainly I had no such intention, but humoured the accusor, as one does in large, faceless groups where any nonsense might break out.

However, the sad reality is that the mixed messages took on such a bizarre tone there that Twitter is the only way forward. Many of my favourite posters are there already and they don’t start fights or try to appropriate my photos, so let’s hope that continues.

My favourite chat space, Techfocus the Lounge, which I would happily continue to support, simply disappeared off the radar recently, without any explanation.

Onward for the New Year, to better things, I hope…


4 Responses to “Quelle Horreur”

  1. DaviMack Says:

    Media which encourage interaction and response tend to be risky this way. We pulled 2 blogs from blogger and into wordpress, so that we'd have more control of the idiots and sadists. Anonymity, in particular, seems to be a problem.

  2. DaviMack Says:

    (Although, there are those who are perfectly willing to be jerks to your face, though they're more rare.)

  3. I'm in "Ireland" which always has its own fantastical way of dealing with every issue.It's like living in an ongoing version of "Dancing at Lugnasa", without the music.I always assume that people who are in a mood are sad, as you do, and move on quickly to pastures new.Anonymity can often offer bucolic good humour and those who wander the web causing mischief do great disservice to that fine writer "Anonymous".I must get round to signing in to your new site. It seems to have better security than Fort Knox.

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