Bright Day in the City

January 9, 2010

Apologies to the kind poster who left a comment on the previous version of this photo. Fellow travellers on the Internet Highway complained of problems with accessing the link, so here is a better, improved version.

This may also show up in Twitter accounts as a cryptic link asking for membership of a strange site.
No mystery…
The site is Friendfeed and one has to join to be able to see the photo, in its full splendour there.

Why write about private matters on the Internet a friend asked me recently.
I don’t do so.
Anything that appears here of a cryptic nature is my fantasy life being given full rein.

When it comes to playtime on the Net, I always leave others to steal one anothers’ Thunder…

City Silhouette


2 Responses to “Bright Day in the City”

  1. Granny J Says:

    I wouldn't mind it being that bright here! It's just a tad grey, but without any promise of moisture!

  2. That is a fantastical representation of a city, I have to admit.We have snow, eternal wet and it's a good excuse to work on photos indoors.Happy New Year again to you and yours.(And here's hoping for rain, if that's what is needed.)

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