More than a year…

April 27, 2010

…has passed since I last posted here.

My carbon footprint has involved a visit to Australia.
Since we saved on not heating the house during a very cold Winter, things more or less balanced out, in my mind at last. Casuistry is always a salve to the conscience.

I have to admit to taking a robust view of the current efforts by some experts to reduce us all to gibbering wretches, racked with guilt every time a toaster is plugged in or clothes get electrically tumbled. I cannot make any sense whatsoever of the moral issues surrounding air travel. The ones who preach the loudest about melting icecaps are the ones who travel most often to Polar regions, only to howl back at us from some frozen and windy space that would probably survive longer without their presence. The “no ash” week that grounded the European airlines for a week has caused much soul searching and more importantly, a pragmatic sense of proportion.

Whatever the ethics of the matter, I visited the Grampians and took some very pleasing photos of dry pathways in the mountains. Really, we have to put our foot down somewhere and guilt trips do nothing to improve the march of humanity across the Globe.

Path in the Grampians, Victoria


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