Cover Art and Fair Use

May 6, 2010

I tend not to use other people’s photos on my blog.Certainly, uploading graphic art without the owner’s consent is one way to attract un-needed attention.

An efficient way to trace work is to use the reverse search engine, Tineye. I was very pleased to find that one of my photos has appeared on six blogs, ensuring success for a writer friend, one hopes. But such searches can also help to find misappropriation of work, where permission has not been sought. Catmacbride, a fellow Flickrite, discussed this recently and it took a lot of time from a busy working day to sort the matter out it seems.

Interestingly, none of the bloggers who used my photo asked for permission. I sometimes wonder if I am living in the past, where other people’s property belonged to them.

My teachers would have muttered phrases by Cicero and make the culprits blush.

On the other hand, “O tempora, o mores!” still makes me laugh.


2 Responses to “Cover Art and Fair Use”

  1. Are your licensing permissions set to "all rights reserved?" If not – if they're creative commons – then they have the right to use the photo, so long as they link back to the Flickr page.If they didn't link back – no matter whether you had a copyright on it – then they're in violation of the Flickr Terms of Service, and should be shut down.

  2. Granny J Says:

    Mea culpa! I have made unauthoried use of photos once or twice ina desperate moment. Leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth…

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