Back to School…

October 20, 2010

It has taken forever to get to write here again.
Photos are more immediate, colourful and engaging, I find, and trying out some new digital tricks has passed many a merry moment for the past two months.Also, being out of doors in gardens and on our lively streets is a perfect anecdote to all the bizarre news reports that pass for reality these days.

During the 1980’s we spent most of our time in public parks, having little picnics in Winter and weathering the nonsense that improvident adults imposed in the form of large tax bills and small earnings.

Reality check?
Just get out and enjoy the air.

And in case this photo may seem to be a gloomy metaphor for the current state of the building trade, it is worth saying that the buildings here are now completed and sparkle invitingly in the sunshine.

Things are sure to pick up…Art of Construction


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