Please do not take offense…

October 20, 2010

… if I block you on Twitter or on any other site.

…if I have removed your link from my blog.

…if I do not upload a comment that seems to be advertising some product rather than joining in a discussion…

Recently some blogs have begun to look a bit cluttered and commercial.
Mine began to bristle with too much information so minimalism is in order.
Even Flickr had become a bit of a chore so from now on a policy of “less is more” will be applied.
Today is being referred to as “Axe Wednesday” in Britain.
I may as well go with the spirit of our times…


2 Responses to “Please do not take offense…”

  1. Getting in the Tory Spirit, then?

  2. Not quite…I've never been one to step back from the brink.

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