To Understand is to Forgive?

October 23, 2010


It has been a strange year insofar as I am now an alien, it seems.
In fact, I’m in good company, as one of my uncles by marriage spent most of his adult life as a stateless alien and I am of a lesser sort… just non-resident.

It’s a long story and now I’m left wondering about the wisdom of continuing to use Flickr, as it is regulated by US law.

However, just to keep within the spirit of my new status, here is one of my suitably alien flowers…Magnolia Flower Monochrome


2 Responses to “To Understand is to Forgive?”

  1. I, also, have wondered about being an alien, and about continuing to use Flickr. With 20,000+ photos up there, though, any switch would be horribly difficult.

  2. Flick should be the ones to fear alien abduction, perhaps, beaming in from Glasgow.

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