November 3, 2010

A twitter post that mentions the difficulty of withdrawing one’s money from a bank has reminded me of one of the horrors of contemporary life… the fact that banking is not safe.   Apart from the fact that I have actually met people who have known people who were in a bank during a robbery (the equivalent of knowing a man who once knew a man who worked), there are now so many checks and balances between one and one’s hard earned cash that it makes one start up with… well, with a start.

Earlier in the year I brought in my own draconian cutbacks. No more weekly trips for a coffee. No more buying clothes that were not in sales (I even got caught out by buying a garment before waiting for the very last reduction)… no more driving without questioning whether it was ABSOLUTELY essential to go anywhere…never use the telephone unless the friend in question could not be emailed.

However, one detail was missed. The fact that my bank set a limit on withdrawals while abroad. The average teenager would be insulted by the allowance set. I was so frightened by the experience that I stopped buying anything.

Today I was reminded of this by the Twitter post.

Now I’m faced with finding a bank that treats customers like adults and that is likely to remain solvent for the foreseeable future. Even the post office, a haven for ordinary people is run by a bank.

It’s all a bit of a bore, but must be faced…


2 Responses to “Banking?”

  1. Bank of Scotland, International. They're out of the Isle of Man (or Jersey), and will accommodate just about any currency you'd like, with very good exchange rates for transferring in between currencies.Since you're down to OZ quite often, I'd suggest that you get a EUR and an AUD account, so that you can manage transfers through them. Then you'd not get hit with the conversion rate at the cash machine (usually quite high) and all of the fees which go along with that.

  2. Thank you.Invaluable information.

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