It Looks as If This Winter…

January 22, 2011

will go on forever…

Yesterday we galloped round town, sorting out photography details.

This helped to keep us warm. Anybody who has never visited Northern Europe many wonder at the ongoing obsession with what the weather is doing. The fact that one is often forced indoors because of frost or cold rain may seem silly. But with Swine Flu raging through the population (a bit of poetic licence is allowed), it is better to stay warm and healthy.

We caught up with the beat on the street, heard some fine-lunged musicians and chatted away happily on the Luas, having got a seat there and back.
A great day…

Irish Village at Night


One Response to “It Looks as If This Winter…”

  1. There is a lot to learn about night photography.A new accessory, a wireless remote, has been added to the arsenal and should help improve technique.""

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