Making a Hash of Things

January 25, 2011

Having discovered the function of the hash key in Twitter… it leads to real-time searches for whatever word you have chosen… I set out to put my tweets in order.

Surprise was extreme when I found the “#IrishWriter” had no takers and that I was the first to use it.

Shure, we’re all writers here…


3 Responses to “Making a Hash of Things”

  1. Enjoy it!Perhaps your compatriots didn't want to be the first. Not to worry, there'll be an IrishWriter19843 coming by soon. 😉

  2. It should run to millions, if expats join in as well.The Irish are afflicted with the writing bug.I put it down to the climate, though by that reckoning Scotland should be over-run with poets and novelists too.

  3. Well, you Irish are overrun with the writers … over here, they don't bother to put it on paper, 'cause it's just lies. 😉

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