Why Can’t We Have Skyscrapers in Ireland?

March 30, 2011

I miss the Melbourne skyline.

Any attempt to reach for the stars in Dublin has been subject to planning limits.

Why?Melbourne on a Misty Day


11 Responses to “Why Can’t We Have Skyscrapers in Ireland?”

  1. I thought that the stars in Ireland belonged to the Sidhe. No? 😉

  2. That is the sort of question that reminds me I am a Norman, not a Celt.Frankly, I don't know.

  3. Thanks for the link.I got the reference to the Sighe and my answer was intended as a (seemingly not very obvious) joke about the fact that my family came to Ireland with the Norman invasion and so I know nothing of the bizarre beliefs of the Celt.Just goes to show all the sub-text that is missing when one tries to communicate on the Internet.Here's hoping your preparations for your doctorate are going well.Best regards.

  4. Oh, I got the joke, which is why I said, "Hah!"I only know of the bizarre beliefs 'cause I've been exposed to fantasy-fiction which is, of course, infatuated with the mythology of the Celts.

  5. This gets better."Hah!", in my book, is an expression of one-upmanhip, as when one wins at cards.

  6. Oh, dear. Divided by a common language, I see.I meant "hah" as in "laughing at your joke, hahahahahah"I'm always amazed at the linguistic differences between the various communities who "speak English."

  7. How would one signal "friendly laughter at a shared joke" in your parlance?

  8. As you put it… Ha!Ha!(Too many ha!ha!s look like hypo-mania.)Without the exclamation marks, it would probably be interpreted as a ditch… which is linked to the suprised sound a French person is supposed to have made when presented with this English folly.And certainly is is a miracle that anybody in the Anglophone world manages to communicate, as you say.

  9. At this point it sounds as if "LOL" would be more appropriate!

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