Seeing Double

April 1, 2011

The last post has the same photo twice. It could be a metaphor for my lack of enthusiasm for computer work.

There are, in this new shiny world, many entrepreneurs who see us all working away for a pittance, lining their shiny capitalistic pockets as we use new technologies with mindless enthusiasm.

I have to admit I hate my computer less than was the case ten years ago. Then I was constantly reminded by Microsoft of misdemeanours that seemed beyond the pale of reason. “You have performed an illegal”… whatever… has ensured that I will probably never visit the United States. Signing a contract that included a political stance in relation to Cuba may or may not still be in place in relation to using many of the programs (I still think of them as “programmes”) was bizarre in the extreme, as I have never been to Cuba.

Many younger friends find my ability to read contracts on the Internet as some sort of personal foible. “What contract?… there is no contract”… they assure me.

I wish I could share their innocence…


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