Egg on My Face

May 17, 2011

My first attempt to post on the comment page of “The Telegraph” in London did not go swimmingly. Somewhere in the morass of comments and cogitations is my little offering on the colour of the Queen’s outfit, which may be one of the hundred shades of green that the RGB lover can name easily and while giving the exact numbering.

The system offered to upload my post simultaneously to Twitter, which did not happen, but more puzzling, the post seems to have suffered editing in transit and leads to a dead link. I never trust people in offices but cannot muster enough paraonia to think that somebody might have intercepted the post and made a pig’s ear of it. Obviously I must have, as usual, hit some unseen button or key on the keyboard and botched the attempt.

Anyways, better luck next time and this reminds me to advise anybody who comes here that one of the most useful freeware progams is a RGB picker that gives the exact maths for every colour under the sun.


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